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OL034 Burner Base

OL035 Burner Base Plug

OL057 Flared Coiled Bundy Tube incl. nut 2m

GS082 Rubber Grommet 10mm for Ignitor Cable & Thermocouple

M070 Gas Leak Detector Spray Can 400ml

GA103 MK3 Gas Burner Protection Plate

GA102 MK2 Gas Burner Protection Plate

GA101 MK1 Gas Burner Protection Plate

OL054 Flared Bundy Tube

OL055 Flared Straight Connector

OL056 Flared Elbow Male to Male 6mm x 6mm

GA007 Gas Sight Glass Gasket

M070 Gas Leak Detector Spray Can 400ml

TO24 Carbon Monoxide Detector

A NEW line of RAYBURN (Royal/MF) UNIVERSAL SIDE PANELS in various colours – part Part Nos. RP040-RP048.

Also new Light Pewter – Pine Green – Red – and – Claret colours for Supreme/Nouvelle Side Panels (Part Nos. RP036-RP039)

New Flue Box 355 series (enamelled) (Rayburn) – R272B

Please note we have updated some prices (not many) for some of our parts!